A true partnership. delivering mutual benefits

Choosing Jemtech as your partner

When you choose to partner with Jemtech you will receive a proposal to supply and manage cutting fluids and lubrication oils within your business. This proposal will provide flexibility throughout its implementation, enabling you to obtain maximum benefit from Jemtech’s fluid management expertise. Jemtech’s goal is to work together with its customers to introduce a bespoke package that meets specific operational needs and fulfils their expectations of a metal cutting fluid supplier.

Customers have the choice of implementing a Total Fluid Management or Partial Fluid Management strategy, with Jemtech taking full responsibility for the smooth running of the system. As part of these packages Jemtech will introduce systems and procedures to ensure effective and efficient fluid use, control and monitoring. Benchmarks will be set against existing practices and reports will be made on achievement, with performance assessed.

Through the use of high quality products, good service, support and communication, Jemtech and Blaser Swisslube will be effective in reducing your overall operational costs.

Scope of proposal:

  • All metal cutting fluids and oils used on site
  • Machine tool lubrication
  • Waste management
  • Personnel
  • Equipment
  • Administration / communication

Outlining how we would work together

Area's to addressed

  • Initial Status Review
  • Objectives
  • Management of cutting fluids
  • Management of lubrication oils
  • The products required
  • The services required
  • Human resources required on site
  • Capital & non-capital equipment
  • Second tier suppliers
  • Our guarantee of satisfaction
  • How services will be charged
  • Health, Safety & Environmental Issues

Strategy & Procedures

  • Product handling & storage
  • Stock management
  • Coolant mixing & distribution
  • Product monitoring, control & reporting
  • Removal of tramp oil
  • Machine & system cleaning
  • Waste management
  • Communication of machine status
  • Training of personnel
  • Target, implement & monitor cost down projects
  • Benchmarking achievement
  • Factory conversion by Jemtech (UK) Ltd

Self help:

The Blaser products supplied by Jemtech have a reputation for long sump life. They still require monitoring and maintenance. And while Jemtech is happy to provide this monitoring service as part of its fluid management package, by following these basic guidelines you will benefit from long-lasting, healthy cutting fluids.

  • Always store metal cutting fluids in a correct and proper manner
  • Mix water miscible cutting fluids according to the manufacturers recommendations, using a good mixing unit.
  • Never adjust the emulsion strength by adding either pure water or neat concentrate.
  • Use a refractometer to regularly measure the emulsion strength.
  • Regularly check the pH value of the emulsion.
  • Always remove any tramp oil by using a belt, air or disc skimmer.
  • Record all data on each machine on a regular basis using a graphical data-logging sheet. These are available free of charge and can be sent by email on request.

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