Every word and statement is tailored to meet the requirements of individual customers

Fluid Management

The service from Jemtech sets new standards in customer care, delivered in a friendly manner, to the highest standards, on time, and with minimum disruption to your production processes.

Jemtech’s approach is one of partnership, with an open and refreshing attitude to customer service that is aimed at creating significant cost savings for its customers.

This is achieved through use of technology that is at the cutting edge and pioneering recording and reporting systems that maintain a history of what, where, when, by who, and at what cost. By highlighting trends in this way Jemtech identifies further opportunities for reducing manufacturing costs or improving productivity.

Fluid Care from Jemtech and Blaser is not a standard metal working fluid package; every word and statement is tailored to meet the requirements of individual customers. This creates a management system that is successful for both parties. Jemtech approaches all opportunities in a way that reflects its experience and aspirations.

These management systems take in the needs of customers, large and small, offering broad spectrum of fluid management services, from basic monthly support, through to total fluid management. Jemtech delivers these in a totally transparent way, so that you know what, why and how you are receiving the service, paying only for what you receive……..no hidden extra’s

Valet service:

Machine valet service enhances value and performance

Working with its machine tool partners, metal cutting fluid specialist Jemtech is enhancing the service offered to customers with its Valet Service.

The service ensures that the machine tool sump is maintained at its optimum performance to deliver cost-savings and improvements to component quality and working environments. The Valet, which takes place during the scheduled machine shutdown for servicing includes the following:

  • Install system cleaner 24 hours prior to the service
  • Removal of the old coolant, slurry and swarf.
  • Thorough cleaning of the sump to remove all grime and potentially harmful bacteria.
  • Refill the system with either the existing brand of cutting fluid or with Blaser product

“Working with our preferred cutting fluid supplier, Jemtech (UK), this new service will deliver genuine benefits to our customers. Cleaner machines and coolant systems produce better components with improved surface finishes, enhanced tolerance holding, and extended tool life. Not only that but it extends the life of the machine due to reduced wear on critical components and less chemical stress on seals and rubbers.” says Steve Finn, Mori Seiki (UK).

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