Additional Services

Additional Services

Pipework/Engineering installation and consultancy

Jemtech bespoke coolant delivery systems, are installed and supported by its own highly trained service technicians, may not be as expensive as you think. A bespoke system guarantees continuity of cutting fluid quality, allowing you to focus on producing components.

Environmental Installation & ServiceScientist

Through its partnership with Cleanmist and FeoL Jemtech provides full installation and service for oil mist extraction and tramp oil removal. In combination these will improve the working environment and also the performance of the machine tool, reducing manufacturing costs along the way. Free site surveys are available.

Health Safety & Environmental Advice

Using its extensive knowledge of the metal working fluid market, Jemtech can provide documented procedures for your health and safety requirements compatible with HSE requirements.

The expertise that Jemtech brings to bear in the area of fluid management will prove invaluable where users are unsure about which way to turn. However, the assistance it provides in meeting the numerous regulations that are in place and creating a template by which these systems can be maintained with relative ease is also a valuable tool for any busy manufacturing environment.


Through selected partnerships with machine tool companies Jemtech provides pre-purchase support and advice ensuring that when your new machine tool is delivered, the metal cutting fluids are there and correctly installed at the same time. In a similar vein Jemtech works with tooling companies to develop machining/cutting fluid strategies that ensure that you are using the maximum potential of machine and cutting tool.

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