Cut waste fluid disposal costs with WaterHog

WaterhogWaste coolant disposal costs have risen sharply over recent years; this is especially true when disposing of fluids, such as water-miscible cutting fluids, crack detection fluids, floor scrubber solutions and fluids from rumblers and parts washers, used in many of today's production processes. These costs will surely just increase over the forthcoming years.

There is a simple solution at hand that will reduce waste disposal costs and that solution is WaterHog

How does it work?

WaterHog is a waste fluid evaporation system that doesn’t cost the earth and is simplicity in itself to operate and install. The system reduces waste coolant volumes to a minimum by evaporating excess water content from emulsion waste and safely returning that water to the atmosphere as steam. This leaves the residue to be disposed of in the normal way.

The commercial benefits of WaterHog are clear. For example: A WaterHog can reduce 600 litres of waste coolant at an approximate rate of 30 litres per hour, and much of the process can be completed overnight, taking advantage of low cost electricity, making the procedure even more economical.

  • Reduced waste coolant costs
  • Lower running costs
  • A cleaner working environment
  • A safe and reliable process

WaterHog Applications

TThe WaterHog can be used in a wide range of applications where you are disposing of fluids that are not toxic or flammable and with a high water content.

For example:

  • Water miscible cutting fluid – coolant
  • Waste from floor scrubbers
  • Crack detection fluid
  • Wash bath fluid
  • Fabric colour processing

Simple operation

Operating WaterHog is simple: Open the lid and fill the unit; shut the lid and push the green button and leave it running. The unit automatically shuts down when approx 600 litres has been evaporated and the residue of the oil will be in the bottom of the tank ready for removal and disposal in the normal way. The residue should be removed using a sump sucker or drained via the drain tap and the process can be repeated. It really is as simple as that.

Operating cost

The cost benefit of using a WaterHog have been detailed and with economies of scale mean payback time can be very short. This is very much a mathematical calculation rather than a sales pitch and Jemtech would be happy to visit your site and provide a no obligation survey. A further advantage is that WaterHogs can be supplied on a range of flexible payment options.

The sums add up with WaterHog

generates an annual waste disposal cost of £12,660.00 based on the average of 0.18p per litre, plus certification charges.

By installing a WaterHog System the total waste volume is reduced to just 3,500 litres per year, resulting in a reduction in waste disposal costs of over £10,000.00.

At these figures the WaterHog unit pays for itself in around 12-18 months!

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