Water Miscible

Water Miscible

ScrewsWater Based Coolants

  • Blasocut
  • Vasco
  • B-Cool
  • Grindex


Blasocut is full range of bio-concept, environmentally friendly products containing significantly increased mineral oil content; this provides superb tool life, surface finishes and stability. This advanced and unique Blasocut liquid science is designed to make use of the non-pathogenic bacteria found in the water source (non-harmful) to control and prevent the population of potentially harmful bacteria within the cutting fluid.Bio

Controlling bacteria by adding tank side additives, such as biocides and monitoring with dip sliding for bio-concept products, is inappropriate, and at no time should biocides be added to Blasocut. Jemtech is on hand to offer appropriate advice on fluid management for these and for all product types of metal working fluids.



Is a vegetable oil based product range, the performance of which is superior to most commonly available cutting fluids. This delivers the highest possible tool life and surface finish, particularly on difficult or exotic materials such as Inconel, titanium and the tougher stainless steels. It is produced from a totally renewable source, so the environmental impact is minimised.


Blaser B-Cool is a range of exceptionally stable water miscible coolants for longest sump life in both centralised systems and stand-alone machines. B-Cool is an extremely clean cutting fluid with lowest top-up rates. It delivers outstanding cutting performance on all materials and operations and suitable for all water conditions. Within the B-Cool range are dedicated products for specific materials like titanium, aluminium, steel alloys and cast iron.

Grindex 10 & Grindex 10 CoDrill

A range of synthetic, mineral free grinding fluids which are ideal for high pressure or high peripheral wheel speeds, with low foaming characteristics and excellent anti-corrosion protection properties. Grindex is suitable for a wide range of applications and materials including glass and ceramics.


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