Neat Oil

Neat Oils

Blaser neat oils are amongst the highest performing cutting oils on the global market, we are confident that we can demonstrate significant cost savings and process improvements – or your money back – guaranteed.

OilsBlaser neat oil are broken down into four product groups:

  • Blasomill
  • Vascomill
  • Blasogrind
  • Vascogrind

Blasomill & Blasomill CSF

Blasomill is range of high performance mineral oils including Blasomill CSF chlorine and sulphur free, which is almost colourless, delivering an extremely versatile application and material range, including non-ferrous materials, with low smoke and misting characteristics.

Vascomill & Vascomill CSF

A range of extreme high-performance vegetable based cutting oils, producing no smoke and low odour due to Vascomill CSF being chlorine and sulphur free. High flash points, is extremely compatible with operators, and offers minimal foaming when used under very high pressure.

Blasogrind & Blasogrind HC10

A full range of mineral hydrocrack oils designed for surface, profile, tool, centerless and cylindrical grinding applications across the full spectrum of materials. With low misting and smoke properties with a high flash point.


Extreme high-performance based on synthetic esters, covering the full range of grinding applications and materials. If surface quality and wheel life is important then this is the product to use.


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