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Tramp Oil - Coolants greatest enemy!

Italy-based Fe-Ol was established in 1983 to produce oil separators (belt skimmers) for the precision engineering industry and distributes its products worldwide through a series of distributors, with Jemtech representing it in the UK and Ireland.Before Skimming

One of the strengths of Fe-Ol is the flexibility of its modern manufacturing facility that allows it to produce bespoke units very quickly alongside its standard range of products. The company applies its products, knowledge, research and development on a daily basis within its own machine shop, thereby giving it ‘hands-on’ experience that it can pass on to customers.

Slideway lubrication is non-circulating, lost lubrication, therefore the oil has to do its job for a short time before it is washed from the slideway into the cutting fluid as a «tramp oil» contaminant. The chemical and physical influences of tramp oils on metal working fluids are important factors and it is well known that problems like chattering and stick-slip are not necessarily due to a faulty machine tool but more likely to be the result of the formation of a sticky, tough, mayonnaise-like substance produced from the emulsification of the tramp oils with the cutting fluid.Afterskimming

Fe-Ol belt skimmers are designed to remove tramp oils (hydraulic and slide-way oils) that have entered the coolant sumps of machine tools. By removing these contaminants effectively users will ensure that water-soluble cutting fluids retain their designed characteristics, which in turn extends the life of the coolant, reduces waste and fluid consumption, minimises unpleasant odours, increases cutting tool life, reduces the possibility of skin irritation, improves component surface finish quality, and maintains cleaner machines.

Remove the problem easily with Fe-Ol skimmers

Remove unwanted tramp oils that create:

  • Unpleasant Smells
  • skin irritation
  • reduced cutting tool life
  • heavy misting and fumes
  • poor coolant life
  • increased disposal costs

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