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Mixing Units

Mixing water miscible cutting fluids correctly is essential for their long term stability, it gives them the best possible start for any metal working fluid, ensuring continuity of mixing in a controlled cost effective manner, we have two sizes of mixing unit, and these can be specified to suit your individual requirements.


To maintain the correct cutting fluid strength it is important to monitor it on a regular basis and the Blaser Refractometer is an extremely important instrument in that respect. It removes easily the guess work from the equation and ensures continuity of the fluids in use.

Tramp oil skimmers

It is vital for the longevity of the sump life of water miscible fluids to remove the tramp oil using skimmers, these reduce the potential for bacterial growth, airborne mist, dirty machines as well as increasing surface finishes and tool life.

Testing strips

Test strips are available to measure, monitor and report the condition of your cutting fluid within the machines. To be used in conjunction with the appropriate advice, training and monitoring systems, all of which is available upon request.

Machine Monitoring Charts

These can be placed on the individual machine tools as well as a master file, measuring water miscible coolants; pH, concentration, odour, bacteria count and general condition. We can personalise these towards your individual requirements.


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