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Cool-ANT Caddie

Say goodbye to wasteful coolant spillages

Cool Ant CaddieYour machine tools need topping up with coolant. The trouble is that your coolant drums are at the other end of the workshop – and they’re not the easiest things to move around either.Using a can or bucket to frequently carry small volumes of coolant from the drums to your machines is an option. But it’s hardly the most productive method available because it wastes time and involves production staff who are far better employed running machines (rather than running around topping them up).

It’s not the safest method either because spillages are more likely to occur which, as well as being potentially hazardous, also wastes your cutting fluid too.

Instead, why not use Jemtech’s Cool-ANT Caddie – the safe and hassle-free way to transport mixed cutting fluid around your shop floor.
With its 205 litre capacity, the Cool-ANT Caddie can be used to top up even the largest of machine tool sumps in one visit.

Featuring an air-operated pump and a petrol trigger-type gun, for quick and easy operation, Jemtech’s Cool-ANT Caddie signals the end to coolant spillages for ever.

Cool Ant Caddie

Cool-ANT Caddie features

  • Stainless steel tank that is easy to clean and maintain.
  • High quality swivel castors ensure easy manoeuvrability.
  • Optimised flow rate to ensure tank empties quickly.
  • Petrol pump delivery nozzle with flow meter monitors coolant usage.
  • Made in the UK to the highest quality standards.

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