A powerful solution to smog and oil mist in the workplace


Cleanmist is a division of Hfiltration S.r.l. and has many years’ experience in the design, development, sales and manufacture of oil/air mist centrifugal filter systems from its base in Italy. This vast knowledge has now been transferred into the production of the Cleanmist CM range of products.

Cleanmist cm300

Cleanmist Mist Extraction Unit

With a sales presence throughout the industrialised world Cleanmist is a true global partner, providing technical solutions for environmental improvement in the workplace.

Cleanmist has focused development on areas where the basic centrifugal system could be improved, to deliver greater efficiency, lower running costs, and units that are more reliable and easy to install. The result is a centrifugal oil/mist and smoke extraction system that are extremely effective in removing unwanted and hazardous vapour from your machine tools.

One of the key design features of Cleanmist’s extractors is the unique and patented Venturi design, which efficiently filters the mist to return clean air into your machine shop. This ensures a safer and more pleasant working environment for you and your colleagues.

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