Blaser Swisslube, investing in productivity

Blaser Swisslube, investing in Productivity

Productivity is always measured by the simple calculation output vs input. However, there are many contributing factors that will boost productivity, Blaser Swisslube metal working fluids is one of them.

Cutting fluid when treated as a ‘necessary evil’ will never increase productivity. On the contrary, it will certainly be detrimental to the production process due to inefficiencies caused by incorrect strength, poor fluid selection, bacterial contamination, and frequent sump changes. However, a carefully selected, monitored, managed, and applied cutting fluid will most definitely have a positive outcome on your productivity and profits. Additionally, buying cheap metalworking fluid is not only false economy as it restricts the performance limits of the high performing machine tool and cutting tools, it may also impact on the health and safety of your operators.


The qualities designed into Blaser Swisslube metalworking fluids guarantee that the full potential of the machine tool and cutting tools is released. Jemtech delivers greater profits for its customers by engaging in open dialogue to fully understand the application; materials, machine tools, cutting tools, cutting data, surface finishes to identify potential opportunities for improvement. We will then data-log everything and quantify the projected financial savings and guarantee those saving on a payment by result trial basis.

Easy gains from minimum effort

It makes perfect sense when investing in modern machine and cutting tool technology, innovative software and comprehensive operator training to invest wisely in the product that connects the cutting tool with the workpiece. Cutting fluid is the main contributing factor for reducing friction, heat, vibration and tool wear. Interestingly it is also the lowest financial segment of the overall component cost, typically less than 0.5%, whilst the tooling cost is around 5%, but by increasing the tool life by as little as 10% the cost saving will typically cover the investment in the cutting fluid. On the other hand, purchasing cheap coolant can have the opposite effect by increasing your tooling costs.


At Jemtech we provide a structured approach with substance and credibility to establish area’s for improvement, documenting these all the way through the process to validate the real currency savings.

Jemtech’s process is to consult, present its findings, validate its savings via trials, document the savings made, and deliver continuous service and support combined with continuous improvement of its customers’ manufacturing performance.

Blaser Swisslube, productivity in a drum.

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