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TTL Solutions

TornosEstablished in 1987, TTL has spent over two decades at the forefront of CAD/CAM & CNC machining technology and deliver more than just manufacturing software. TTL’s specialism is in Adaptive Machining Technology which automates the machining and blending of complex components previously requiring extensive hand-work. 

Specifically aimed at applications where geometry differences exist between one component and the next, TTL’s unique software - when coupled to standard CNC machine tools - provides the capability to machine and blend complex 3-dimensional components and features - automatically. 

As a UK specialist CAM partner for Siemens Industry Software, TTL have the experience and expertise to provide NX CAM sales and support. With a dynamic, experienced and customer-orientated team, TTL has gained a global reputation for supplying innovative machining solutions to a wide range of demanding industries – including Aerospace, Power Generation, Pharmaceutical, Medical and Motor Sport.

There is a natural synergy between our two businesses and an application reliance on all aspects of what we do, at TTL we believe that sound Technical Partnerships are critical to providing an overall best in class solution to end users.