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Tornos UK

TornosTornos UK is proud of its reputation as a ‘Solutions Provider’ in relation to turning centres, sliding head mill/turn centres, multi-spindle lathes and machining centres. Its range of machines for turning bar at 38 mm diameter and below is regarding as the largest in the world and as such Tornos can deliver the optimum machine tool to meet your specific requirements. All its machines are built to exacting Swiss standards.

In addition to providing machine tools Tornos UK also offers customers a wide range of associated services, these include competitive finance for the machine and equipment. From its technology centre in Coalville, near Leicester, Tornos UK also provides detailed applications and service support through a team of highly experienced applications and service engineers.


Tornos UK and Jemtech

“Given the high level of technology available in our machine tools it makes perfect sense to partner with other likeminded companies to give our customers a total manufacturing support package. This is why we value our technical partnership with Jemtech so highly. We know we can relax in the knowledge that they will support our customers in the drive for increased productivity and machine performance,” John McBride, Tornos UK