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Matsuura Machinery Limited

MatsuuraMatsuura is at the forefront of the development of high speed machining and the manufacture of automated, unmanned, high accuracy CNC machine tools. The result are machine tools that are leaders in high perfromance machining technology, whether the requirement is for full five axis, horizontal, vertical, linear motor or multi tasking CNC machine tools. Our customers demand and receive unrivalled productivity, high accuracy and reliability from our products along with service, applications and technical support that is second to none in the UK machine tool supply chain.


Matsuura Machinery Limited and Jemtech

“At Matsuura we have developed a hard-earned reputation for producing machine tools that deliver the highest quality components in the shortest cycle times. We are not prepared to let suppliers put that in jeopardy. That’s why we choose trustworthy partners like Jemtech who meet all of our, and our customers’, expectations. The Blaser product ensures that the customer can capitalise on our technologies and release the full potential of the machine tool” Keith Mattock, Matsuura Machinery Limited.