• Blaser


    The Liquid Tool - boosting your productivity. People, products and know-how, combining to deliver significant profit gains for your business.

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  • Fe-Ol Oil Skimmers

    Fe-Ol Oil Skimmers

    Remove unwanted tramp oils. Skim your cutting fluid, not your profits - Remove tramp oil from your coolant system before it costs you more than lost production.

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  • Cleanmist


    Cleanmist extractions systems, efficiently remove oil mist particles from the machine tool environment keeping your working atmosphere clean and healthy.

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  • WaterHog


    WaterHog the straight forward and cost-effective waste coolant disposal system, radically cutting the cost of discarding your used water-based coolant by up to 95%.

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  • Cool-Ant

    Fluid Delivery Systems

    Cool-ANT Caddie provides manufacturers with a simple, safe and economic way of moving cutting fluid around the workshop without causing potentially dangerous and expensive spillages.

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Jemtech (UK) – Your partner for profit.



Well managed metal working fluids are a genuine Investment Booster that will release the full potential of your machine tools. Jemtech will work with you to achieve significant productivity gains by utilising the products of its key, long-standing, partners: Blaser Swisslube, Cleanmist, Fe-Ol and WaterHog.


Whether it is metal working or cutting fluids, tramp oil removal, oil air mist extraction for environmental improvement, or waste coolant disposal that is giving you concerns, Jemtech has the solution to eliminate these issues, and save you time and money.


As your partner for profit, and productivity, Jemtech will deliver guaranteed cost savings by effectively managing your cutting fluid use, performance and disposal, leaving you free to concentrate on running your business more profitably.


Oracle™ by Jemtech.



To help manufacturers get the best and the most from their metal working fluids requires a new approach to fluid


This new approach, with its emphasis on automation and on providing manufacturers with a constant supply of
Blaser accurate and reliable ‘live’ data on the condition and, as a consequence, the future performance of their metal
working fluids ensures a greater degree of control and predictability over their processes.


Oracle™ - the next wave in fluid management - provides manufacturers with a proven, automated and
cost-effective solution that:
• enables real-time condition monitoring of the metal working fluid in a machine tool’s sump;
• the automatic rectification of the fluid’s pre-set volume, pH, concentration, conductivity and temperature levels;
• the ability to access all condition monitoring and rectification data quickly and effortlessly, to aid decision
making and make their processes more secure.


To find out more visit www.oraclefms.co.uk